Chhattisgarh paramedical council

Anti Ragging Committee

The anti-ragging Committee is constituted for Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Medical Sciences as per Order of Hon'ble Supreme court No 179 dated. 19/5/1999. The committee shall enquire & investigate all the complaints filed on raging within the institution and shalldisposethe individual case as per law. The Committee will work within a specific time frame as well as on emergency basis. The composition of the Committee:

Name Post
Dr. Sumeet Arvind Shende Professor
Dr. Ninad Nagrale Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Gupta Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Ruchita Dixit Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Khyati Jain Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Akshataa Atul Deshkar Asst. Prof.
Dr. Somendra Dhariwal Asst. Prof.
Dr. Sachin Path Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Akhilesh KumarYadav SR
Dr. Rahul Dagar Tutor
Dr. Naman Parakh Tutor