Chhattisgarh paramedical council
On the Occasion of Diwali there will be holidays from 05-11-2018 to 10-11-2018 with the following conditions. Click here to Know More Chhattisgarh State level workshop on “Health Research Ethics and Good Clinical Practice: Keeping up with Recent Trends” from 23rd to 24th January 2018 .


Our mission is to provide quality preclinical nd clinicl education in pharmacology nd therapeutics for medical students, to educate and trin grduate and postdoctorl biomedical scientists, to carry out basic research of recognized excellence. nd to prticipate in governance nd leadership in the College of Medicine and in appropriate national scientific and professional societies. 13 harm acology is the science concerned with all aspects of the ction of drugs and other chemicals on living systems. Its primary aim is the discovery of chemical mechanisms by which cellular nd molecular functions are regulated for the purpose of understnding how existing drugs ct and to develop new drugs for treatment and diagnosis of humn diseases. The discipline of pharmacology explores biology through the actions of drugs and chemical substances. Drugs and chemicals produce their effects only through modifications of underlying biologicl systems; their ctions re useful in regulting not only normal functions of cells and organisms but also the abnorml processes which occur in disease.


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Chhattisgarh paramedical council
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ssims institute of medical sciences
Chhattisgarh paramedical council

Simulation Laboratory with 25 computers.

Clinical Pharmacology laboratory with different types of sphygrnornanometers, PEFR meters and Hand-dynamometer.

The Department has fully functional Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre to which more than 1000 ADR have been reported by different departments ever since its inception.

Department of Pharmacology is actively involved in managing hospital pharmacy.

Administrative support is being provided actively for smooth running of the institute as and when required.