Chhattisgarh paramedical council


Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training in pharmacology to students that will develop a competent medical graduate equipped with contemporary knowledge in pharmacology and therapeutics who can provide safe, effective and economic therapeutic care to the society and to maintain this competence throughout his/her professional life.

Apart from didactic lectures, teaching also involves practical classes in pharmacology, practical in experimental pharmacology, demonstrations, tutorials and group discussions on clinically oriented problems, drug display and seminars related to pharmacology. We also encourage students to actively take part in research.


The objectives of the course are to impart the knowledge of clinical pharmacology and practical therapeutics, including fundamental principles, mechanisms of action, rationales for drug selection, optimization of drug therapy, and assessment of therapeutic efficacy and outcome. This includes addressing the following aspects of clinical pharmacology and practical therapeutics:

To review the principles of clinical pharmacokinetics.

To present students with practical information on the clinical pharmacology of the major drug classes and the application of such information to the solution of therapeutic problems.

To enhance students’ ability to evaluate critically, and use effectively, current information sources on clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

To apply the knowledge imparted to individually carry out preventive and curative medicine with respect to the commonly encountered health problems in the community.

To know the “essential drugs” and their common side effects and practice rational use of medicines.

To know the basics of pharmacovigilance and apply the same in detecting and reporting adverse drug reactions.

To encourage students to take part in pre-clinical toxicity studies, clinical and basic research.


The department has fully equipped laboratories namely; Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory, Computer Assisted Learning Laboratory, Clinical Pharmacology cum Pharmacy Laboratory and Research Laboratory.

Research laboratory:It is well equipped with specialized instruments like Histamine Chamber, Tail-flick analgesiometer, Electroconvulsiometer, Rota Rod, Cook’s pole climbing apparatus, Colorimeter, Flame photometer, pH meter, Actophotometer, Spectrophotometer, etc.

Clinical pharmacology lab:The clinical pharmacology unit provides practical training in rational therapeutics. It also has facilities to train students in dosage handling and administration. Also provides knowledge regarding conduction of clinical research.

Experimental pharmacology lab:It is provided with instruments to do various animal experiments.

Computer Assisted Learning Laboratory:It serves as an effective replacement for animal experiments for undergraduate students.


The department library is a rich source of knowledge comprising of a total books on Pharmacology, Clinical pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Statistics and allied subjects


Keeping in mind, the fast evolving science of Pharmacology, the museum is equipped with drug samples, charts, herbal specimens and a section of history of medicine.

210 specimens of drug samples are arranged system wise

65 charts and 15 models are arranged system wise

History of medicine section depicts 41 well organized charts

25 medicinal plants exhibits

15 catalogues