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The department recognize and explain the principle of homeostasis and the use of feedback loops to control physiological systems in the human body. Demonstrate laboratory procedures used to examine anatomical structures and evaluate physiological functions of each organ system.

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Dr. Bhupendra Gathe


Effect of Swim Training on Pulmonary Functions in Boys of  Prepubertal   and Pubertal Age

Panacea Journal of Medical Sciences, January-April,   2016; 6(1): 6-11.

Dr. Bhupendra Gathe


Effect of noise pollution on hearing in auto- rickshaw drivers: A brainstem auditory - evoked potentials study

Indian journal of otology, 2016; 22 (4): 275-279

Dr. Bhupendra Gathe


 A study of cheiloscopic patterns in Chhattisgarh population

Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology(Accepted      No. 6080/IJFMT/2016)

Dr. Bhupendra Gathe  4 Powerpoint Versus Chalk And Board Teaching In Physiology Of Vision - A Comparative Study NJPPP
Dr. Sachin B Rathod  1 Social Networking sites As Informal learning Tool Indian J. Physiopharmacol 2016 IJPP 2016; 60(4) : 403 - 406
Dr. Sachin B Rathod  2 Risk factor Associated with Chronic Venous Insufficiency in central India. Fiziologia - Physiology 2016 26.4 (92) : 37 - 42
Dr. Sachin B Rathod  3 Textbook of Renal Physiology for first MBBS 2017
Dr. Akshataa Atul Deshkar  1 Students Perception of English and Medical Terminology Training as a Part of Curriculum.  IJOP-Volume -4, Issue-8, August- 2015.ISSN No 2277-8160
Dr. Akshataa Atul Deshkar  2 Yoga - Modulating cold pressure response (CPR) in middle - aged men J. Evid. Based Med. Health. 2016; 3 (51), 2613-      2617.DOI:10.18410/jebmh/2016/573
Dr. Akshataa Atul Deshkar  3 Yoga improves cardiovascular parameters. J. Evid. Based Med. Health. 2016; 3(52), 2671-2675. DOI:  10.18410/jebmh/2016/586
Dr. Akshataa Atul Deshkar  4 Reflection of Early Vestibular Stimulation in Sensorimotor Integration : a Study IJOP, January to June-2015: Volume-3, No.- 1. ISSN - 2320-  6039(Print).
Achievement  5 Yoga & Medicine Invited as guest speaker at ICERB at GGU Bilaspur CG. 29th  Oct, 2018

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