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OPD Special Clinics

Name of the Clinic



Name of Clinic In-charge

Resp. Rehabilitation




10 am to 1pm


Dr. Raghvendra Verma



Monday/ Friday


10am to 1 pm


Dr. Madhuri Gadela



Tuesday/ Thursday


10am to 1pm


Dr. L.K. Mohanty

Any other – ILD / Post Covid




10am to1 pm


Dr. Raghvendra Verma

Department Services
1.   Bronchoscopy  - As a special clinic & on OPD basis 
2.  Physiotherapy Section. – For Respiratory rehabilitation  
3.  PFT test and DLCO. - On OPD basis 
4.  Blood Gas analysis  - As Indoor & Outdoor services
5.  RICU services – For all pulmonary & Covid critical care patients
6.  Aerosol Therapy - On OPD basis 
7.  Treatment for MDR Tuberculosis On OPD basis  
8.   FNAC from Pleura and Lung
9.    CBNAAT

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